That was the year, this is


2021 looks set to be big on memories: all the things we had forgotten how to do, places to be, people to see and so on.

Well, it really is good to be back – as they say.
And The Woodshed team are making the most of the summer and the change in mood in and around Folkestone.

Firstly, it’s Folkestone Triennial Year – and we are proud to be contributing a series of exhibitions and event for the Folkestone Fringe. This is almost more exciting than the Triennial itself, dare I say! Local artists, events and a bag of all sorts come together to provide a complementary menu of arts activity in and around the town.

Here’s the link you need to see The Woodshed page and programme. Do also browse the rest of the Fringe Festival programme and see what’s on.

And here’s a link to the Folkestone 2021 Triennial, itself – with some more unique and original art works provided for the town to build on the existing collection, plus a great series of talks, tours and tours de force, as always.

The Woodshed continues to support our local community and provide activities in collaboration with other creative people. Currently we are proudly supporting FPAC – Folkestone Performing Arts Centre – which is a new performing arts improvised play project on the theme of the environment and also a plan to establish a permanent centre for the performing arts in the Folkestone East and Harbour area.

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