That was the year, this is


2021 looks set to be big on memories: all the things we had forgotten how to do, places to be, people to see and so on.

Well, it really is good to be back – as they say.
And The Woodshed team are making the most of the summer and the change in mood in and around Folkestone.

Firstly, it’s Folkestone Triennial Year – and we are proud to be contributing a series of exhibitions and event for the Folkestone Fringe. This is almost more exciting than the Triennial itself, dare I say! Local artists, events and a bag of all sorts come together to provide a complementary menu of arts activity in and around the town.

Here’s the link you need to see The Woodshed page and programme. Do also browse the rest of the Fringe Festival programme and see what’s on.

And here’s a link to the Folkestone 2021 Triennial, itself – with some more unique and original art works provided for the town to build on the existing collection, plus a great series of talks, tours and tours de force, as always.

The Woodshed continues to support our local community and provide activities in collaboration with other creative people. Currently we are proudly supporting FPAC – Folkestone Performing Arts Centre – which is a new performing arts improvised play project on the theme of the environment and also a plan to establish a permanent centre for the performing arts in the Folkestone East and Harbour area.

New Work for 2019


Already busy with new work for an Exhibition in April…

collaborating with fellow Folkestone artist,

Candida Wright

– carvings in stone and wood, drawings and paintings.

Work in progress, exploring a long held passion for horses. I’m painting direct on boards, using acrylic and liquid pencil.

I also have commissioned portraits on the easel,

no time for slacking!

The Woodshed is generally open at weekends between 11 – 4.30pm.

Usually working in the studio during the week. Call to check if you’d like to visit…

The Woodshed 01030 40432

 or DM me (!) Instagram @thewoodshed_folkestone


Shy And Retiring 23rd Aug – 8th Sept


In August, we open a new and unusual exhibition, which is a collaboration with my partner Jon – Shy and Retiring.  There is a clue, in that he reaches a fine old age this month!

We look forward to welcoming visitors for an eclectic retrospective with a mix of artworks, artefacts, writings and music which tell the story of our time together and a bit beyond even that!


Shy and retiring invite final

Drawn From Life


Really excited to be making plans for a new collaboration exhibition with Laura Froude, a new artist friend who also lives and works in Folkestone.

Drawn from Life and other Stories is part of the Creative Foundation’s Open Quarter season in June 2018 – with a really exciting programme overall.

In the Woodshed Studio, perched on the historic Bail Steps, our work is taking shape and we will officially open the exhibition to the public on Friday June 15th.

Open Quarter

Folkestone, Open Studio

The Woodshed

As part of Folkestone Creative Quarter’s ‘Open Quarter’

The Woodshed will be open on Saturday and Sunday afternoon

1- 4pm 17 & 18th June.

We’re on the map in the Open Quarter brochure


The Woodshed image for promotion

There will be art work for sale, including paintings, ceramics and jewellery. You can also see current, commissioned, work in progress.

The studio is located at the top of Bail Steps, in The Bayle CT20 1SJ

Come along and have a look around!

Amanda x